Interview with Kazumi and Anne
"The gift between Tokyo and Berlin" vol.1

13. NOVEMBER 2017

Interview with Kazumi and Anne



Kazumi TakigawaKazumi Takigawa

— Could you tell us how you met Anne?

Kazumi Takigawa (Kazumi) : Anne visited Japan in 2013 for her exhibition and she’d bought my work at a select shop in Ebisu. I received a sudden Facebook message from her saying that she’d bought my work. She gave me a lot of compliment about my work, and I was so chuffed since I’ve known her and also liked her work.

Kazumi TakigawaKazumi’s bags in RECTOHALL, the place Anne found her works.

— Have you two been contacting each other since?

Kazumi : Yes we have. We message each other about once a week.

— The two of you sounds almost like a long distance relationship.

Kazumi : That’s very accurate. But, we started really talking to each other after she shot the photographs for my look book.

Kazumi TakigawaLook book on www.kazumitakigawa.com

— Could you tell me more about the collaboration on your look book, which is also on your website?

Kazumi : Sure. After the first ever message, Anne had ordered me a bag. Back then I had just began working and had no commercial photographs of my work, which I needed in order to build my website. I had no photographic skills or a lot of money, so I asked Anne if she could shoot my look book in exchange for all of my works. I also requested her to shoot my work in however way she likes, and I was very happy when she kindly accepted my offer. After a while, suddenly I received a package from Anne. It was the original prints of the pictures. I was really surprised as I expected her to send me the photos as data files. I chose my favorite pictures to publish onto my website.

Kazumi Takigawa

Kazumi TakigawaThe original prints which Anne sent to Kazumi.

— I believe that can only done when creators trust each other. I’m quite jealous. After that, did you two exchange more works?

Kazumi : Yes. When Anne held a stall at a market in Berlin, she offered to sell some of my works there as well so she bought a lot of it. She also requested an order made bag for herself. That was near the Christmas season, so together with the bags I sent her a Christmas present. In return, she sent me handmade cookies and her work. The cookie was very delicious. Since then we send each other Christmas presents.

Kazumi Takigawa

Kazumi Takigawa

— The relationship between the two of you sounds so nice.

Kazumi : I always receive something from Anne very suddenly, so I always look forward to the surprise.

— I heard you two have never met in real life. Is this true?

Kazumi : Yes it is. I’m surprised myself.

— You must be excited to finally meet her. How do you imagine Anne to be like?

Kazumi : This is just my imagination, but I believe she’s very kind, cheerful and tough. After she shot my work, she helped me by telling me about select shops from different countries and introducing my works to potential buyers. She’s so powerful, and to me she’s like an older sister I can trust. I can’t wait to meet her.

Next article is about Anne Schwalbe's artworks.


Corporation for shooting / RECTOHALL

Opened in 2012 in Ebisu, Tokyo. RECTOHALL offers clothing, leather products, antique furniture and ceramic which are authentic and contemporary. They are handling Kazumi’s bags since her early works.


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Bag designer / Tokyo, JAPAN

Kazumi Takigawa was born in 1986, majored in Sculpture at Art university in Tokyo and started making the bags since 2012. Her works of art such as waxed canvas bags which dyed with tea and coffee were created in process of studying sculptural materials. The brand concept is “reproducing casual craft paper bags to long lasting material bags”.


Photographer / Berlin, GERMANY

Anne Schwalbe is a photographer based in Berlin with a deep interest in nature. She studied photography at Ostkreuzschule and German Literature and Cultural Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin. She has self-published several photography books such as “Wiese XXI-XLVIII" and “There is a white horse in my garden.“, currently she is working on a new project : "Wiese Garten Baum“ (Meadow Garden Tree).
Exhibitions of her work have been presented at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Galerie f5,6 Munich and Post/limArt Tokyo.